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Unique Features

Ultra light

The non-encapsulated solar film has a weight of 50g per m2. A encapsulated solar module weighs from 0.5 to 3 kg per m2, depending on product type and encapsulation.

Ultra thin

The solar film has a thickness of 25 micron – thinner than a human hair. This enables us to produce panels only 1-2mm thick.

High energy yields

Flisom’s unique, patented CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) technology offers higher energy yields than conventional solar panels.

Beautiful aesthetics

The solar absorber has a uniform black appearance, and enables the use of solar panels in highly demanding projects with beautiful design, especially premium and architectural applications. The absorber also removes glare, which removes any safety issues during usage near roads or airports.

Flexible peel and stick solar module


Flisom`s R&D partner EMPA archived 20.4% cell efficiency on plastic substrate, while Flisom has applies this technology to its lightweight panels, leading to the highest power to weight ratio in the industry.

Freedom of Integration

Solar foils can be integrated in many ways, depending on customer needs: with adhesives, manufacture of composite elements with integrated PV, or simply quick mount systems that, together with the weight of the panels, make them especially easy to install.


Flisom’s panels are unbreakable as they do not use any glass or other breakable material. It can handle high loads and is resistant to vibration – unlike conventional solar panels, it does not have any risk of micro-fractures in the glass and silicone.

Swiss Made

Swiss made

The raw materials are carefully selected and are sourced globally from carefully selected leading manufacturers. The solar film and solar modules are manufactured 100% in Switzerland.

Design flexibility

The solar film is protected by carefully selected encapsulation materials that are different for each product type, and can be supplied in different form factors.

Customizable rollability

The solar film can be rolled on a 5cm diameter. Depending of the encapsulation, the minimum diameter can be adapted to lifetime, roll cycles and diameter requirements.


Flisom’s manufacturing process enables a low consumption of raw materials and energy. The average energy payback time is close to one year.