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Summit 2020 in Davos: Time for Change

Increasing the use of solar energy

We all know that nowadays fossil fuels produce the majority of energy that we use in our daily life. But how long will it last?

Our society is moving quite slow but at least we are taking steps forward in using solar energy and others renewable resources which could replace the use of fossil fuels. Did you know that solar power is getting cheaper? It will be possible that the world will make a striking shift to green solutions  in the next years.

Why do we have to support change?

Actually, it is very simple, burning fossil fuels is one of the major factors causing climate change, because it leads to an excess CO2 emission raising the earth’s global temperature. The use of solar power is  environmentally ethical and realistic. Since the sun is a limitless source of energy and solar panels are easy to use and to install, this makes solar energy the right choice for our planet. Even though, the sun doesn’t shine for the all day and there are some geographic areas which receive less sunlight, there are progress regarding the technology used in solar panels which will be capable to store the energy for those periods of darkness during the year.

From the ongoing WEF Summit 2020 in Davos, one of the topics is “Time for Climate Consciousness” by Michael Hayes. He mentioned that what we need is to grow climate consciousness around the world so that we can appreciate the full extent of the crisis and how it will impact our lives. Therefore support and push governments to take necessary policy decisions.

Some topics that is part of today’s World Economic Forum Annual Meeting are:

  • Over the past decade, The dramatic drop in the cost of PV
  • New technologies promise to increase efficiency and lower costs further.
  • Solar energy will soon be unbeatable compared to fossil fuels.

This year it is noted that there will be more than 115 gigawatts (GW) of solar installed across the world, which is more than all other generation technologies put together.

We at Flisom, are working to make this a reality. Today, most of the world still relies on heavy and rigid silicon-based modules, encapsulated in glass. Our flexible and lightweight panel is based on the CIGS technology, which guarantees uniform elegance, high energy yield and low installation cost. Our team enable us to stay dynamic by making progress and developing new solutions for our customers.



Source: Ecomark solar, WEF 2020
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