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Technological leadership

Flisom is a leader in flexible CIGS photovoltaic technology. Our proprietary technology is implemented on an industrial 15 MW production line in Switzerland and enables a simple manufacturing process with low material and energy consumption, resulting in a product with low Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) and high energy yield. The roll-to-roll concept is key for high throughput, high process stability and excellent quality.

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eAir Carbon

World record laboratory cell efficiencies

Flisom and its research partner, Empa, achieved a world-record efficiency of 20.4% in a flexible CIGS solar cell. Flisom takes these proprietary world class deposition and chemistry processes from laboratory scale to industrial scale production and pioneers the commercialization of the technology.



Proprietary production tools and processes

Over the last 10 years, Flisom has developed a line of proprietary manufacturing equipment and components, which are unique in the market. The foundation of our success lies in this engineering expertise: from high temperature polymer web handling to source design, from laser patterning to lamination, – our specialists have experience in all stages of the process. Key production tools, continuously developed during the past years, are now in on a new, market-ready generation, which allows scaling the production to 1 meter polymer web width. The production line also benefits from continuous upgrades and optimization by Flisom’s scientists and engineers.

Flisom CIGS Solar Modules

Laser interconnected  solar cells

Advanced proprietary laser processes enable monolithic interconnection of solar cells to serially connected submodules. Dimension and electrical output of submodules can be customized by laser patterning processes for individual application requirements, leading to scalability and beautiful aesthetics.

Adaptable product platform

Flisom is developing an open product platform for customized solar modules. Various back sheet materials like coated steel, aluminium or multi-layer polymers are used for reliable encapsulation and long term protection against weather and other environmental effects. Our lamination line enables large module designs as well as customized modules.

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Patent protected technology

Our know-how is protected by our own IP specialists, as well as more than 35 patent families and trade secrets.

See also for US patents our notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).