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eFlex – lightweight flexible solar panels

eFlex combines flexibility, lightweight and performance into a solar module that only Flisom can build. Our fully flexible solar panel is ready for direct integration on all kind of surfaces.



  • Low-load bearing commercial and industrial solar roofs
  • Works on EPDM, TPO and Modified Bitumen membrane roofs
  • Works on standing seam roofs
  • Perfect for low-load bearing roof situations – only 3.5 kg/m2



  • Ready to be bonded on many qualified membranes and metal surfaces
  • Adhesive over the full back area of the flexible solar laminate – ensures lifetime adhesion
  • Reduced BOS cost due to simple peel & stick adhesive – No additional mounting hardware or assembly times required
  • Non penetrating roof installations – no risk of water leakage or roof damage
  • Lightweight solar installation allows installation on every roof – no roof enforcement or extra ballast required
  • Safe installation with lightweight panels- no heavy bulky glass panels on the roof, which might be a risk for safety
  • Flexible solar panels are bonded flat on roof and do not add additional wind load to the roof – much better aerodynamic design for high wind speed areas
  • Uniform black design provides the best look – important for architects and buildings with visible roofs
  • Durable non-breakable Swiss made solar panel design
  • Highest shade tolerance due to laser interconnected thin film cells
  • High energy yield in all light conditions due to CIGS technology
  • 6 different panel sizes available from 28 to 165Wp
Download 4.6m eFlex 6x1 165Wp
Download 3.8m eFlex 5x1 140Wp
Download 3.1m eFlex 4x1 110Wp
Download 2.3m eFlex 3x1 85Wp
Download 1.6m eFlex 2x1 55Wp
Download 0.8m eFlex 1x1 28Wp

eMetal – semi flexible panel

eMetal is one of the thinnest, most beautiful and lightest solar panels in history. With advanced CIGS thin film properties and various mounting options for roofs and facades, eMetal opens up a new dimension for architects and building owners.



  • Can be clamped with rails on low-load bearing roofs
  • Perfect for low-load bearing metal roofs – only 5 kg/m2
  • Can be mounted in jet black design as metal based ventilated BIPV facades
  • Available as product development platform for BIPV products like solar facade systems or solar roof tiles



  • Lightweight solar panel opens up new ways of solar roof installations
  • Swiss made metal solar facades for new innovative architectures
  • Enabling BIPV facades for compliance with near zero energy building directive
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Customization in shape for special projects possible
  • Durable non-breakable solar panel design
  • Highest Shade Tolerance due to laser interconnected thin film cells
  • High energy yield in all light conditions due to CIGS technology
  • 4 different panel sizes available from 30 to 120 Wp
  • Backed by a strong aluminium plate
  • Glass-free, save and without breakage
Download 3.1 m eMetal datasheet 100-125Wp
Download 2.3 m eMetal datasheet 80-90Wp
Download 1.6 m eMetal datasheet 50-60Wp
Download 0.8 m eMetal datasheet 30Wp

eFilm – customizable polymeric solar cell films

Our eFilm is a ultra light, rollable solar film, which can be integrated into all kind of innovative solar applications. Our eFilms can be used for example in tubular PV assemblies or in window frames. The application of eFilms are unlimited and enable our industrial customer to develop novel solar integrations. Customers receive the laser-connected eFilm arrays on rolls and take care of singulation, encapsulation and contacting in their factories. Flisom offers customization of cell layouts, design services and knowledge transfer for encapsulation and back-end processing.


  • Industry lightest solar foil with only 60 g/m2 based on a polymeric substrate
  • Up to 2 kWp per kg possible
  • Customizable serial connected cell arrays in roll length (up to several meter) and width (up to 940mm)
  • Delivered on rolls of up to 3.5 km
  • Rollability of eFilm on small radius of < 5mm
  • Simple contacting with busbar
  • Uniform black design
Download eFilm overview

General terms and conditions

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IEC certificate for eFlex  standard panel

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