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Partner Network

Our partners enable us to bring the best out of Flisom’s technology to the market. We are committed to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our partners – project developers, power companies, distributors and integrators all over the world. Together with them, we create innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers. We are also supported by major global companies, individuals who are passionate about clean energy, and some of the world’s leading research organisations.

Industrial partners

We collaborate with a range of product development partners for specific innovations and market applications. Our partners include leading manufacturers of building elements (steel roofs, façade panels); major European premium car manufacturers; leading manufacturers of cablecar systems, and other partners related to our areas of expertise.

We are constantly expanding our network with a focus on areas where solar energy was not possible before.

Research partners

Flisom is proud of its roots in ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and EMPA (Swiss Federal Laboratory for Materials Science & Technology) and maintains a close working relationship with both organisations.


Public funding

As a technology company, whose importance is recognized by the Swiss government as well as the European Union, Flisom is the recipient of funding for multiple international projects on core photovoltaic technology and practical applications.

European Comission
Kommission fur technologie und innovation KTI