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Customized solar panels & films

Customized solar panels & films

Our rollable  and flexible solar panels power innovative solar applications. In case our standard products cannot match a requirement, we offer our development, testing and manufacturing expertise to customize solar panels & films for special applications. Our proprietary laser patterning technology allows us to adapt the shape and electrical output of a module to customer requirements, while our manufacturing process allows us to encapsulate the solar foil in different materials to achieve flexible and rollable form factors.

We work on cutting-edge projects with manufacturers of military and emergency supplies, global electrical engineering firms, aerospace industry, automotive industry, as well as innovative product designers.


Range of applications:

  • Ultra light solar films for aerospace
  • Solar sails for space applications
  • Solar powered drones
  • Solar for high altitude balloons and airships
  • Solar canopies
  • Rollable solar blinds and sunshades
  • Off-grid and rural electrification
  • Military and emergency power
  • Solar lighting and signalisation
  • Rollable solar consumer products
  • Solar powered sensors and IoT (Internet of Things)