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Buildings & Infrastructure

Buildings & Infrastructure

Flisom’s lightweight, jet black and ultra-thin, flexible solar panels can be applied on roofs and facades. Besides supplying solar modules we work with global construction industry to shape the future of building integrated solar electricity.

We offer two standard products for buildings, called eMetal and eFlex. Our lightweight eMetal solar panel can be installed on low-load bearing roofs without roof enforcement or in BIPV facade projects. Our flexible adhesive eFlex solar panel can be bonded on aluminium, EPDM, TPO or bitumious roofs and offers lightweight solar installations.


Range of applications:

  • Metal standing seam solar integration
  • Membrane solar roof integration on EPDM, TPO or bitumen substrates
  • Solar Facades based on a metal solar sheets
  • Low-load bearing roof structures
  • Residential solar roof tiles
  • Building integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Prestige building components

Unique product features

Ultra light

The non-encapsulated solar film has a weight of 50g per m2. A encapsulated solar module weighs from 0.5 to 3 kg per m2, depending on product type and encapsulation.

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Ultra thin

The solar film has a thickness of 25 micron – thinner than a human hair. This enables us to produce panels only 1-2mm thick.

High energy yields

Flisom’s unique, patented CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) technology offers higher energy yields than conventional solar panels.

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