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Aerospace products

Aerospace products

The aerospace is the field where the unique features of our solar film reach new heights. It all starts with the CIGS film, which in its unencapsulated version is only 54g/m^2 or 2400 W/kg. This provides a energy density (Wh/kg) at working conditions in space that is higher than what is contained in rocket fuel!


Additional benefits including resistance to UV, resistance to radiation, extended lifespan in vacuum and at low temperature, allow us to use way thinner and lighter materials. In Flisom we use our extensive experience to develop new industrial modules for every specific application. Our customisation has no limits:


  • Weight: commercial products as light as 80 g/m^2
  • Flexibility: rollable down to 1cm diameter
  • Materials: we customise our modules to integrate in your product, we can even use carbon fibre to make the modules a load bearing structural part
  • Shape: we can make any rectangle within 0.4×3.1m
  • Lifespan: the encapsulation main task is to protect the modules from degradation, the higher we go the longer our modules can last with thinner encapsulants


We work on cutting-edge projects with manufacturers of high-altitude platforms, satellites and airships. Below there are two examples of modules developed together with our partners.


Unique product features

Ultra light

The non-encapsulated solar film has a weight of 50g per m2. A encapsulated solar module weighs from 0.5 to 3 kg per m2, depending on product type and encapsulation.

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Freedom of Integration

Solar foils can be integrated in many ways, depending on customer needs: with adhesives, manufacture of composite elements with integrated PV, or simply quick mount systems that, together with the weight of the panels, make them especially easy to install.


Resistance to UV, resistance to radiation, resistance to thermocycling, extended lifespan in vacuum and at low temperature.

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