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We are FLISOM – One Team, One Passion, One Goal

As a young and dynamic growing company, we aim to enable solar energy to be used in ways not possible before. At Flisom you can expect to do cutting edge work for making disruptive products.

We are always interested in talented experts, technicians, scientists, and engineers who are skilled in vacuum technology, preferably thin-film technology, and/or solar cells. Ideal candidates have industrial experience, are creative, and open to hands-on work. The business of solar energy is growing fast and competition is strong, so you can expect your work to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.


What does working @ FLISOM feels like?
Life at FLISOM is at times challenging, yet rewarding. Go ahead, talk to anyone at FLISOM and they will tell you what a rewarding place it is to work here. We aim to attract individuals with diverse background and culture.

Have a read to what some of our devoted colleagues have to say about the company. If you would like to know more about the company and the products, please visit our website or or Linkedin page.

Patrick Reinhard

Patrick Reinhard – Head Process Technology

”The company gave me this unique opportunity as a professional in my field of expertise to be part of the journey from a start-up to a company growing worldwide, evolving at all levels: i) technological, ii) operational, iii) on the market and iv) at human level. In addition, the company offered me the opportunity to pursue a training at a managerial level, which serves me well on managing people under my responsibility. The work atmosphere is built in such a way that all employees can interact directly, and independently of level and function. Well-performing employees are well rewarded through diverse incentives and offered the opportunity to grow within the company.
A standing factor in the company is the work-life balance, and flexibility”

Sven Stählin

Sven Stählin – Electrical Engineer

”FLISOM has offered me a significant amount of degree of freedom in developing industrial solutions from the ground and up. I work with motivated people and learn from collaborating with them. The small size and the niche industry it attracts creative and talented people. The company offers flexible workhours and appreciates the work you put in”

Julian Perrenoud

Julian Perrenoud – Head Module Reliability

”I have the unique opportunity to be part of a new technology. This means discovering new ground is a daily business. I get great support from the management and an environment which allows me to grow professionally and personally. Starting in the technology team, I got more and more responsibilities. My job today is the opposite of boring. Our Reliability team is involved in not only defining the tests for standard products, but to do lifetime design of customized applications. Exciting challenges, a young team and a high pace towards success of the company and our customers. This is what working in Flisom feels like”

People holding each other

FLISOM is very diverse. We have people coming from accross the globe. A day of interaction amongst colleagues here at our company is remarkable. People like hanging out with each other, share stories, and participate in various activities with one another. We are One TEAM

FLISOM is caring, sharing, learning, and aiming at achieving the goal in energizing the world in a way which has never been done before. We have One GOAL

FLISOM is enjoyable, and sociable. Our employees are passionate with what they do, and love to share ideas that they know it will have a huge impact on the overall progress in the company. One PASSION

Job Openings at Flisom AG Switzerland

Finance & Accounting


Technology & Engineering


OFF-Line Metrology Operator (m/f) 100%

Maintenance Operator

Sales & Marketing

Other Functions

Job Openings at Flisom Kft Hungary

Finance & Accounting


Technology & Engineering

Maintenance manager


Machine operator


Sales & Marketing

Other Functions

Software Developer

To apply for any above listed Swiss jobs, please send your resume to jobs@flisom.com and for the Hungarian positions, please use the karrier@flisom.com e-mail address, mentioning the job title in the subject to the email.

Flisom is also looking forward to applications from talented and responsible candidates (technicians, engineers, scientists) with experience and know-how in the following fields:


  • Automation, systems programming
  • System design and construction
  • Vacuum technology, components and coating systems
  • Industrial coating on flexible substrates
  • Laser processing and systems
  • Development and testing of solar modules

We do not have nor advertise job openings outside Niederhasli/Switzerland or Kecskemét/Hungary.