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Advanced Solar Solutions

Flisom Panels
For low-load bearing roofs
Buildings & Infrastructure

Flisom’s lightweight, flexible, jet black and ultra-thin solar modules can be applied on low-load bearing roofs, ventilated facades & streetlights.

Full customization & integration
Transportation &Mobility

Flisom’s solar films are lightweight, flexible, thin, reliable and easy to integrate into many mobility applications like eMobility vehicles, trailers, caravans, railway and boats.

aerospace solar film
Lightest solar films worldwide
Aerospace & Special Applications

Flisom offers development, testing and manufacturing expertise to customize flexible solar films for HAPs, drones, airplanes & space solar integration.

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Ultra light

Next Generation PV Modules

Flisom’s products are based on an innovative thin film solar technology developed in Switzerland. High efficiency, flexible solar panels, ultra light weight and unique product features open a completely new dimension in solar energy. Smart technology. For smart applications. And smart people.

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Flexible peel and stick solar module
Flisom Solar Modules

High Efficiency Thin Film

CIGS Technology

Laser interconnected cells, which are produced on industry leading substrate widths in multi-kilometer long rolls will change solar manufacturing in the future. The roll-to-roll manufacturing process and tools developed by Flisom pioneers mass production of next generation solar foils.

World record for flexible thin film modules

Ultra efficient Solar Power

Together with our research partner Empa we reached 20.4 % cell efficiency on laboratory scale. This is the highest cell efficiency achieved on plastic substrate and will increase in the future.

Low material and energy consumption

Sustainable solar electricity

Only a few micrometer thickness of material is needed to turn sunlight into electricity. Our solar foils use very little material and energy during production. That makes our products very ressource efficient and enables CO2 footprint reduction for solar electricity.

Building Integrated PV

Lightweight & flexible

Flisom means large-size, lightweight & flexible solar panels. This means less mounting substructure, less installation time and less wiring. It also opens many possibilities for building integration and reduces the overall ``Balance of System`` (BoS) cost and increases the value of your building.

Patented deposition and chemistry process

Roll-to-Roll production

If you’re looking for a smart solar production solution – Flisom's R2R technology enables a simple manufacturing process and results in solar products with low Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE).

Full Service and support customized to you needs

Customized service

Flisom offers you a variety of sizes, shapes and electrical outputs, customized to the specific needs of your application. Our expert team supports you in every stage of your solar project - from product design to after sales service.

Beautiful solar power products

Zero energy buildings

In 2021 every new building must be committed to the zero energy directive of the European parliament. In this context the BIPV market will be the fastest growing PV market segment in Europe. Our products enable architects and construction industry to participate in this growth market.


% ready for buildings, transportation & off-grid


% customization possible


% Swiss quality


% Lightweight & Flexibility