Flisom’s proprietary CIGS thin-film technology combines energy efficiency, high throughput manufacturing with advanced module design. The roll-to-roll production of modules of monolithically-integrated solar cells leads to panels expectation quality.

Flisom's key technologies lies in
  • Deposition of the CIGS (Cu(In,Ga)Se2) semiconductor compound on flexible foil
  • Laser scribing and design of flexible solar modules.

Roll-to-roll (R2R)
manufacturing process

The roll-to-roll manufacturing process developed by Flisom enables the monolithical production of solar modules. That is, complex patterns of solar cells and other components can be designed and interconnected on a single sheet of plastic without having to add external hardware components. This is what is called monolithic interconnection. It is possible thanks to a sequence of depositions of material layers followed by laser scribings P1, P2, and P3 that delineate components after each layer is deposited.

Manufacturing usp’s

  • Roll-to-roll manufacturing
  • Low-temperature co-evaporation CIGS deposition process
  • Modular product platform on flexible substrate
  • Custom designed sources
  • Patented deposition and chemistry process
  • Blueprint for 200MW factory

Quality control

  • State-of-the art testing set-up using electro luminescence (EL) and infra red (IR)
  • Fully equipped with all important tests as per IEC standard
  • Fast-track certification available for large scale production lines
  • Successful field tests with Flisom modules

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