Media Coverage

On the move with thin solar cells.

Flisom gets coverage on - Click here

Flisom gets a column in Swissolar's brochure. - Click here

ZüriPlus TV, Video (in Swiss German): ZüriReport - 27.6.11 Ultradünne Solarzellen aus Dübendorf.

Tages-Anzeiger, Solaranlagen - neu auch superschlank talks about Flisom's solar modules. - Click here

NZZ, Solarzellen auf flexiblem Grund, highlights EMPA's Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics. - Click here

Swiss Cleantech Report 2011 underlines the contribution of Flisom and its products to clean technologies in section "Doing business with the Sun", page 46, within the framework of a CTI collaboration. - Click here

NZZ Swiss Equity Magazin, 10 Dec. 2010. Ein Solarzelle wie ein Accessoire. - Click here

Kanton Zürich Cluster Bericht 2009-2010, page 59, Nov. 2010. Zürich's summary of business activities brochure contains a sidebar about Flisom.

Thin Film Today, Oct. 5, 2010. Breaking records: an inside view of Flexible CIGS. Paul French interviews Flisom chairman Prof. Ayodhya N. Tiwari regarding the 17.6% conversion efficiency record broken by the Laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics at - Click here

InterPV, Oct. 2010. CIGS on Plastic: Efficiency Goes High. - Click here, 9 July 2010, Solar power: the sky's the limit. - Click here

Bilan, 30 June 2010, Les 300 personnalités les plus influentes de Suisse. Bilan business magazine lists Flisom CEO Anil Sethi as one of the 300 most influential persons in Switzerland.

Euresearch Success Stories, May 2010. "In QCOALA, eight companies and three research institutions will work together to develop an innovative laser welding process."

DRS2 radio programme (in German), 12 Dec 2009, on Science. Skip to 20:55 for segment on EMPA and Flisom.