Our Main features

Flisom’s roll-to-roll production of CIGS solar modules confers advantageous product features

Ultralight solar modules with 10-20% of the weight of conventional modules

Flexible, customizable solar modules for innovative designs and applications

Elegant, aesthetically appealing design with consistent black colour

Made to order roofing solutions

Lower installation costs


Flisom’s proprietary CIGS thin-film technology combines low-cost, high throughput manufacturing with advanced module design. The roll-to-roll production of modules of monolithically-integrated solar cells lowers the cost of mass production.

Cost saving processes

Flisom’s manufacturing processes enable cost savings at a number of production steps

Solar modules

A solar module is essentially an assembly of electrically interconnected solar cells and possibly other electrical components

Roll-to-roll (R2R)

The roll-to-roll manufacturing process developed by Flisom enables the monolithical production of solar modules

Latest News

Flisom AG receives Swiss Ambassador's Award for Dynamic Synergies in Business, Research and Development


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Flisom inaugurates 15 MW pilot production plant in Niederhasli, Zurich.


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Flisom secures additional investment of CHF 10 million from the Tata group.


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Ulfert Rühle, CEO, presented Flisom's activities at CSEM's Future Energy Conference in Neuchâtel.


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